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New Block 1 Begins 9/30/21!

Ready to put your gifts into action? Here’s the chance to create your own film projects right now.

We are bridging the gap between writers, actors and directors by bringing them together to learn the foundations of film storytelling. Classes will be hands-on, experiential and collaborative, and include breakout sessions for each area of expertise.


The foundations of storytelling always present rich discoveries that new and experienced filmmakers can build upon.


Learn by doing. We believe what you learn should be practiced when it is taught. Each class will be a balance of teaching and doing.


Writers, actors and directors, all under one roof,  learning a common language, listening to one another and creating original content together.


No one makes a film alone. We will create an encouraging, supportive and inspiring community who will create in and out of class.

Flourish in a Unique, Creative Setting + Format

With a foundation in visual storytelling, characters, plot, scene writing and more, filmmakers will workshop original materials and become content creators in a team environment.

Whether it’s a few scenes, a short film or a feature film, the goal is to create lasting, beautiful work.

• Full Program: 2 blocks/8-week classes
• Blocks build on the last
• Limited Space  –  30 Filmmakers/block
Spiritual Creative Weekend: September 17 – 18, 2021
Block 1 (Fall 2021 Class): September 30 – November 18, 2021
• $25/non-refundable app fee (goes toward tuition)
• $250/Block  |  Intro Price
• Applications due date September 15, 2021


Original Films written by, acted in, and directed by Film Lab storytellers. 100% original.

Block Info

Block 1

Syllabus: Biblical, Psychological and Practical Reasons for Films • Visual Storytelling • Characters: 4 Core Attributes • Characters: Wants, Needs and Conflict • 5 Beats of a Scene (the grace to write) • Diving into Acting • The Foundation of Story: Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Dates: September 17-18, September 30-November 18, 2021

Block 2

Syllabus: Show, Don’t Tell: Images, Context and Juxtaposition • Dialogue: pushing the story forward • Theme: Why you are telling the story now • Transformation: The arch of protagonists • Plotting: Why it matters • Film Structure: the 8 beats of a feature film • Stories as Weapons of Healing

Dates: TBA


Chris Dalton

Writing Mentor

For over twenty years, Chris has written for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, small businesses, independent producers and film investors. He has been published in Group Magazine, Relevant Magazine,, and Christopher was trained through UCLA’s Screenwriting Workshop as well as the famed Act One Program in Hollywood. From 2015 through 2018, Christopher oversaw the feature film writing program at Act One, taking an active part in mentoring 100+ screenwriters. He also consulted on over 200 screenplays for various writers, investors and production companies. Christopher has written eleven feature films (six for hire), a novel, a dozen short stories, as well as ghostwritten fourteen books. He and his wife, Carissa, founded Huck&Dorothy, a story company, out of a love for stories and a mission to spread hope through moving narratives.

Carissa Dalton

Acting Mentor

As a professional actor for twenty-plus years, Carissa has appeared in various stage productions, including Anything Goes with AZ Broadway Theatre, on tour with Phoenix Children’s Theatre, and many more. On the small screen, she has guest-starred in National Geographic Locked-up Abroad: Henry Hill and Sony Pictures’ S.I.S. In the feature film Before the Dawn she played a supporting role and has enjoyed roles in more than a dozen short films. Carissa has also starred in many commercials such as Goodwill, Teleflora, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Amtrack. She is a classically trained vocalist, with training in the Meisner method of acting, the L.A. Upright Citizens Brigade improv classes, and over fifteen years in on-camera acting techniques in both Arizona and Los Angeles.

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